The African buffalo (also known as Cape buffalo) is a large sub-saharan African bovine and the largest one found in Southern and East Africa. They are usually common in forest areas, and some species are found in the savannah. One prominent feature of buffaloes is their horns – usually fused at the bases of and forms a shield at the top of their heads. Studies reveal that they are among the most dangerous animals on the African continent and gore, trample and kill well over 200 people each year. They have an unpredictable temperament; hence, they are not suitable for use as domestic animals. They secrete more than half a gallon of spit a day. This is one of the reasons why they drink a lot of water.

Buffaloes are brave, strong and stubborn. It is important for buffaloes to walk together so as to repel attacks by predators such as lions. They could sacrifice themselves to protect their herd. Buffaloes also care for each other and protect their young and vulnerable against threats and predators. During the buffalo hunt, the herd usually would push its calves into the centre and the cows (female buffaloes) would form a protective ring around them, making it difficult for any predator to attack them. Then the adult bulls would ring the cows while the older bulls would ring the younger bulls as well to ensure they are moving forward and not turning against their aggressors’ direction. “I have lived well enough, save the young ones, I offer myself first” seems to be the action of the older bulls! The strength and survival of buffaloes against predators lies in their unity, hence predators like lions only launch an attack when these animals are separated from one another and are alone and unaware of any impending attack.


  1. This is article is rich with lots of lessons for us to learn as Christ’s elect. I never knew these interesting facts about Buffalos. The church has a lot of work to do in terms of reaching out and caring for others. We are meant to live for others and not just for ourselves. It is time to drop the mentality of ME, MYSELF AND I.

    Thank you author for sharing. Keep inspiring the world!

  2. Waoh!!! If animals can do this, how much more men whom Christ came to die for. May God bring us back to the purpose of His death.

  3. Amazing! Wow! This is really deep. Even through the lifestyle of Buffaloes (other animals and nature too) God speaks. If only we can just listen and look. I learnt through this article that God does speak to us everyday but we’re looking for his voice in the wind, fire, quaking earth, etc while we ignore the still small voice. Thanks for this article Pastor Stephen.


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