Birds are a unique set of animals with many beautiful characteristics which cannot be overlooked. They belong to a diverse species of aves and have a skeleton backbone which houses their spinal cords, with a four-chambered heart. Birds, like humans are warm-blooded animals.

The possession of feathers, wings, and beaks are some of the defining characteristics of this avian family. Birds are a beauty to behold if you ever encounter them closely. Their early morning tweet can light up a moody soul and give one a hopeful expectation of a great and bright day. The “twi twi” sounds they make can inspire the faintest of hearts and birth amazing human inventions.

Have you ever seen birds build their nests around your compound? They are visitors that colour our vicinities and spice them up with their boisterous presence.

Yet, one thing baffles me about this creature. They seem to be always happy and lively.

Join me in this voyage as we learn some interesting facts about birds!

*Fun facts about some birds*

Just as humans, dogs and other mammals are known to catch each other’s yawns, the budgies birds are the only known non-mammals susceptible to contagious yawning! Wow! You exclame. If you also yawn close to a budgies bird, it might yawn in return. I know you are laughing now.

The Bassian thrushes bird usually fart at their prey so as to dislodge them from piles of leaves. The gaseous smell would provoke the worms to move around from the shifted leaf-litter on the ground. Funny, right?!!!

What about birds like the ravens? They can mimick a human voice and sound exactly the same way. They could pick up sounds from a car engine, from thunder and from some wild animals. For instance, ravens would mimick a wolf’s sound in order to lure it to a carcass too strong for it to break open on its own. Jeeez!


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