Another interesting fact about birds is in their feeding patterns. Birds eat plants, fruits and sometimes animal carcasses in their immediate environment but could go several miles and regions in search of these foods and in doing so risk being attacked by predators. They also risk being infected with one disease or another due to changing climatic and environmental conditions.

Sometimes too during migration, they encounter fierce opposition and rivalry from the indigenous host. Yet, I’m amazed at their repose. They never worry if their feathers would fail them while flying or worry about what they could meet in the air that could be possibly predatory attack. They just have nothing to worry about!


What can we learn from these little but strong creatures?

In this present time and generation, satan employs many schemes to capture people’s minds. One of such is suicidal thoughts from anxieties, fear, worry and depression.

Truly, life is full of ups and downs, demands and pressures of life; what to eat, drink, put on, place to live in or how to survive, worry about marrying right, how to pay your children’s fees and many other necessities.

Sometimes, you are rejected by family and friends and termed a failure and you brood over it and feel like the whole world is against you. Or, may be you are a victim of sexual, emotional, physical abuse and are thus silently dying inside.

Are these things sinking you into worry and depression? Uncontrolled worrying leads to depression and depression if not quickly managed can lead one to begin to contemplate suicide!

*What is suicide?*
Suicide is an act of killing oneself which occurs as a result of emotional, physical, financial and spiritual downcast. It happens when you think more than necessary and see no human solution in view.

One sign of suicidal tendencies is that such person becomes indifferent to life, depressed, expressed withdrawal symptoms and always want to be alone. They sometimes talk about death fancifully!

Hey, this is what scriptures say about your life:

Matt.6.25 – _Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?_

Read the above scripture carefully. Jesus says we should not worry at all. So, why not cast your care unto the Maker of the universe? If God feeds the birds which neither work nor plant, how much more you? (Mathew 6:26). If these birds are less bothered about life’s worries, why are you bothered and worried then?

Do not think of your past, your present matters a lot, move on and never think suicide is an option. Rebuke the thought, it’s from the devil.

Are you troubled? Talk to Jesus. He’s a true friend. He is there to wipe your tears away. Take everything to Jesus in prayer and you shall have a testimony. Never let suicide be your last resort. Sorrow has nothing good to offer, you just have to stand firm in the Lord.

I love the lyrics of this hymn, please, let us sing it together:

” _Have_ _we_ _trials_ _and_ _temptations_ ?
_Is_ _there_ __trouble__ __anywhere__ ?
_We_ _should_ _never_ _be_ _discouraged_ ;
_Take_ _it_ _to_ _the_ _Lord_ _in_ _prayer_ ,
_Can_ _we_ _find_ _a_ _Friend_ _so_ _faithful_ ,
_Who_ _will_ _our_ _sorrows_ _share_ ?
_Jesus_ _knows_ _our_ _every_ _weakness_
_Take_ _it_ _to_ _the_ _Lord_ _in_ _prayer_ !

_Are_ _we_ _weak_ _and_ _heavy-ladden_ ,
_Cumbered_ _with_ _a_ _load_ _of_ _care_ ?
_Precious_ _savour_ , _still_ _our_ _refuge_
_Take_ _it_ _to_ _the_ _Lord_ _in_ _prayer_ .
_Do_ _thy_ _friends_ _despise_ , _forsake_ _thee_ ?
_Take_ _it_ _to_ _the_ _Lord_ _in_ _prayer_ ;
_In_ _His_ _arms_ _He’ll_ _take_ _and_ _shield_ _thee_
_Thou_ _wilt_ _find_ _a_ _solace_ _there_ .”

Suicide is NEVER an option!!!

Written by: Stephen Olorundare and Olamide Oladele


  1. I was suggested this website by my
    cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no
    one else know such detailed about my problem.

    you’re incredible! Thanks!


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