Elephants are known to be the largest land animals on earth. The African savanna elephant which is the largest of the 3 known species can reach up to 16ft in length with a weight of 7tonnes. This is enough to crush an average human into shreds!



These creatures are unique for their trunk; a flexible elongation of the upper lips and nose. This organ is used for collecting food, lifting up items and for taking in water. It is so strong that it can be used to pull out small trees and shrubs. Apart from the trunk, they have a visible white projection called the tusk. The tusk serves as its teeth and usually protrudes around 2years of age. This organ is one reason why elephants are in constant danger of extinction today. You know why! Heard of the ivory? A story for another day!

Elephants are also able to communicate with each other through detection of seismic sounds and vibrations too low for people to hear. They detect these seismic signals through their bones when these sounds create vibrations in the ground. They also communicate through body language and through their popular trumpet call. Amazingly, they are able to tell one species apart from another by examining one another’s ears. Isn’t this wowing!? Did you also know that elephants never forget anything?! They have a superb magnetic memory as their temporal lobe (the area of the brain associated with memory) is larger and denser than that of humans – hence the saying ‘elephants never forget’.


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