Akanni looked at the massive land space. By estimate, it should be about six acres. His father had managed to hand him the papers before he finally drew in the last air few months ago. His father had told him it was a fertile land which will yield him so much that would sustain him for the rest of his life.

Now Akanni was just staring at an empty land. In fact, it was a very thick forest that needed so much clearing before anything could be done on it.
With so much boldness based on how fertile his father had described the land, he immediately started work. He gathered all the labourers, paid them well and work began!

From the clearing, to tilling, to making of the ridges, to planting and every other necessary activity. He invested in modern methods.

Then it was time for harvest. That was when Akanni got the shock of his life! All he gathered from the farm was less than half what he expected. He got angry and disappointed. He started to question if it was really worth it. His father could have been lying or something. Was that all he could get after the entire stress and investment? Then he quit and decided to find other means. THE END!

Oh! Or maybe not the end… I want to give you my reader the opportunity to complete this story. Do you think the decision he took was wise of him? Could his father be lying? He actually invested too much in the land to deserve such disappointing harvest.

Now whatever judgement you make on Akanni, relate it side by side with that business you just started. That relationship you just got into. That investment you just made. What was your result after the first trial? Do you feel encouraged or despaired? Whichever one you feel, it’s fine but before you take any decision, I’ll recommend that you find a comfortable seat first, and sit down. Then breath.. Now I need to share some things with you.

Have you read in the scriptures where God said “And though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would greatly increase.”? Oh yeah… He said so in Job 8:7.
Does this by any means suggest to you that He already knows your beginning will be humble? In other words rough, small and somewhat not encouraging? You are right if you think so. God knows your beginning will be humble, so relax. Read that again and you will see where He also said your latter end will be greater. Now of course, that is not a lie! Because He doesn’t lie!

You already have this scripture but it still seem like your hope is faint right? I can understand. I have something for you still. It’s in Isaiah 43:18-19.

“Do not remember the former things; neither consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”


Before I leave, I will like to drop this for you…
Revelations 21:5:

“And He Who is seated on the throne said, See! I make all things new. Also He said, Record this, for these sayings are faithful and true.”



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