The sun was scorching-smiling at every drop of sweat running its river course all over me as I eagerly anticipated a miracle. Together with me was this young student, naive but confident, also hoping; waiting to see if a surprise could lift us out of this doldrum. Moving up and down, crossing to the left and to the right as we waved every conveyor for mercy, none came to the rescue. So we kept walking and stopping by at various spots on the way, seeking to see how our stressed and already fatigued bodies could be rescued.

Usually, towards evening of every school day, the transport system of the University of Ilorin campus is often overwhelmed by a crowd of students seeking commercial vehicular lift to their different destination around town. Hence, the difficulty in getting a bus that is not fully loaded with students. While we struggled to get a commercial lift, we were not ready to jostle and hustle for one because of our “gentle-manly” nature. Two hours passed by without any sign of leaving campus coupled with the drizzling weather opening up the cold room of the hydrosphere to display like a proud peacock it’s grittiness on us.

Tired and weary, we began to beckon on every private car for help without any ray of hope. Time was running out now. The evening was gradually announcing its warm arrival with its seemingly dark tentacles spreading over the atmosphere. Hey! As luck would have it, there was a family size jeep stopping in front of us and signalling us to come in. Sigh. Victory at last! I couldn’t contain my joy and relief as I hurried towards the car together with this fresher student. As I attempted to open the car door, the driver (a young man probably in his early fifties) immediately ordered us out. The following conversation then ensued:

Driver: Please, go out first. Go and push my car until it starts before you can enjoy any free lift.

Me: Ok Sir!!! (I jumped out in a frenzied excitement without any questioning or hurt feeling while the fresher ignored the driver’s command due to exhaustion).


  1. Wow! This is great, sir. More grace to do more is given you in Jesus name. Actually, I really enjoyed reading it sir ; I wish to read more.

  2. Hum…truly, HUMILITY comes before HONOUR ; I will like say humility brings joy while Mr PRIDE always brings failure and shame.

    Moreover, there are things we don’t need to pray for and the only thing we just need to do is paying more attention to our attitudes. Likewise, some people find it so difficult to rise in life, and when you ask them, they will say it’s generational curse that is affecting them. Unknown to them that all the difficulties they face are the outcome of their attitudes. Especially, MR PRIDE has destroyed many lives in this generation. May God help us to always humble ourselves.

    In conclusion, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING ; let us surrender ourselves to God. When we surrender ourselves to God, it would not be difficult to humble ourselves.


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