While I started to push, I noticed the car didn’t even respond to any effort I applied. So, I decided to call the driver’s attention who seemed to be a university staff. Almost simultaneously, he also called out to me to come in. The following conversation ensued again:

Driver: Please, come in. I was only joking. The car is not faulty. I just wanted to test you to see if you would offer to push my car or feel embarrassed and leave. I would not have truly offered the lift if you refused to push first.

Me: Sir, pushing your car meant nothing to me. I didn’t see it as humiliating or hurtful a statement. I only was grateful you decided to help!

Driver: This shows you are humble and have a good heart. But, you probably also offered to help because of what you would get back from me in return.

Me: No Sir! Even after pushing your car, if you decided to not help, I would be fine by your choice and be happy I honoured your request.

The driver turned back to look at me in amazement while I bowed. The car zoomed off while we discussed with this friendly and simple man together with his children in the car until we arrived our destination and bade them farewell.


I never had any premonition of what this driver was up to when he offered to help me. I later wondered how I would have missed out on God’s provision if I had hissed and neglected his request. I learnt humility that day!

Hey, many a time, promotion comes with tests and trials. Your patience could be tested. Your character and  humility could  be put to test while your response in times like this can determine if you will get what God planned for you. Pride has led to the downfall of many. It is still causing many to miss it today.

Do you feel so classy that you can’t stoop low and condescend to men of low degree? The men of Tekoa did this. They were too big to join in building the temple of God. They could not put their necks to work. Carrying bricks was an insult to their nobility. But  you know what?! Their pride cost them a lot. They became models of instruction against arrogance and pride.


Would you allow God deal with your heart so that He can produce the fruit of humility and meekness? Remember, humility comes before honour.


  1. Wow! This is great, sir. More grace to do more is given you in Jesus name. Actually, I really enjoyed reading it sir ; I wish to read more.

  2. Hum…truly, HUMILITY comes before HONOUR ; I will like say humility brings joy while Mr PRIDE always brings failure and shame.

    Moreover, there are things we don’t need to pray for and the only thing we just need to do is paying more attention to our attitudes. Likewise, some people find it so difficult to rise in life, and when you ask them, they will say it’s generational curse that is affecting them. Unknown to them that all the difficulties they face are the outcome of their attitudes. Especially, MR PRIDE has destroyed many lives in this generation. May God help us to always humble ourselves.

    In conclusion, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING ; let us surrender ourselves to God. When we surrender ourselves to God, it would not be difficult to humble ourselves.


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