As it has always been in the tradition of the Johnsons, all members of the family had gathered again at the end of the year for the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration. Prof. and Prof. (Mrs) Johnson both retired, were very happy to see their children with their spouses and their grandchildren. Last Christmas, there were only three grandchildren but this time, there’s two more and a new wife in the family. The joy that comes from family gathering is one to look forward to, especially during Christmas.

In the spirit of Christmas, the house had been decorated with various decors. In green, white, red and gold colours, there were bells, trees, lightings and wreaths hanging here and there. Children were busy with fire works and some bold enough were throwing bangers. Various Christmas songs from the popular “jingle bells” and “felis navidad” to indigenous ones like “kérésìmesì dé” and “ọdún n lọ s’opin” were played on different television and radio channels. Christmas is one big celebration celebrated by all. In fact, it is the most celebrated holiday in the world.

In the midst of the celebration, Jayden, The Johnson’s second grandchild who is only five ran to Grandma and started asking questions. “Grandma, why do we always come here every December?” Albert his dad overheard him talking to his mom and decided to answer “We come together as a family for thanksgiving”.
“Just thanksgiving? I thought there’s Christmas too” curious Jayden was not satisfied with the answers from his dad. So he faced Grandma again and continued his questioning.
“Of course, there’s Christmas too. That’s the reason for all these decorations and joy you see”, Grandma answered him softly.
“So what is Christmas? And why is there so much joy different from all the other holidays?”
At this point, Pa. Johnson had to come in. “Come here my little Professor and I will tell you all you need to know about Christmas”.
Little Jayden crawled to Grandpa’s feet and sat there gently to satisfy his curiosity but before Pa Johnson started, he ordered everyone; both young and old to gather together so they could listen to him. Then he started.



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