In the last article, the Holy Spirit helped us to see and understand that even a little light is enough to keep darkness away. This is true because even at the glimpse of light, darkness has no choice than to evaporate.

However, there is still more to it than we can ignore. One very important thing that every Christian must always remember is that darkness does not give up. No! Never! It doesn’t give up!

When you start to shine, it is true that darkness evaporates through the window but it is always around the corner, looking for the next opportunity to come back. Want to understand this? Check through the window of your room at night. You will see the thick darkness hanging around.

Let me tell us a little story.
A certain man, Mr. A once lived in a local estate. All the houses in the estate were built the same way so it was difficult to tell a first time visitor which was his house, except he himself leads the way. One day at work, his boss told him “I will come visit you tonight. I understand that I will have difficulty locating your house but I have an easy plan. Keep the light at your corridor on. Whenever I come around and see the light at the corridor, I will know that that is your house and I will come in”.

The idea sounded quiet easy and simple to Mr. A. He was very excited that his boss was visiting so on his way home from work, he stopped at the market and bought a lot of ingredients to prepare the best meals for his boss. He drove home and immediately started preparing the meals. He quickly put on his generator and made sure all the lights of his house were on, especially the light at the corridor.

Before long, he was done making the meals. He set the table nicely and patiently sat by the dining, waiting for his boss. Suddenly, the light went out. Mr. A didn’t realize that he only had a little fuel in his generator and since the fuel was now exhausted, everywhere became dark again. The same house that was well lit up became very dark. The darkness was so thick that he couldn’t even see his own shadow. He was literally alone. As he sat in despair, he started to wonder how swiftly the darkness overshadowed everywhere when the lights went off. It didn’t even take up to a second.


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