It is quite disheartening that so many people find it difficult to apologize for their wrong doings these days. While some think it isn’t necessary, others think saying “I’m sorry” reduces self esteem. What a wrong mentality! Did you really know that a soul can be saved by just saying ‘I’m sorry’?!

Like I said earlier, saying “I’m sorry” can perfectly heal a soul and little wonder why this is becoming so hard for people to say. It’s now becoming a norm in our society and the upcoming ones are now imbibing it.

Saying “I’m sorry” carries a lot of weight when it is genuine. It restores and retain the dignity of the hurt person and makes them feel better and loved again. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re at fault or wrong. No! It only means you cherish the other person and the relationship.

Apologizing can not undo what has been done but can help ease the tension and pain of the aftermath where trust and understanding gets restored. I understand that this is so hard to do sometimes but still can be done.

Apologizing has value in it. It has power to repair harm, mend, soothe and heal. It’s like healing a wound. It gives power to any relationship to become stronger than ever before. Oh, the power of reconciliation!!!

It carries a lot of opportunities and testimonies. The power it exudes can be felt and should not be underrated.

” …Love your neighbor as yourself”. How do you portray this when you can’t even apologize at the slightest provocation? Learn how to apologize and forgive. It does more good than harm.


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