A few days ago, I added manure to some of my pepper plants in my little garden to encourage more growth & fruit production.

But, I noticed that a particular pepper started to dry up towards the evening of the same day & did everything I could to salvage the situation. I used neutralizers to reduce the manure, yet nothing changed. So, I decided to just sit back & watch.

I began to remember the labour & stress I put into getting it to that level only for it to die. It was more painful, especially seeing it was about to start fruiting. Maybe the manure was too much in the soil or had come in contact with its roots (though I avoided that). Or, God dried it up to call my attention to a lesson & message He wanted to pass across (it’s possible).

When my wife called my attention to the drying fruit this morning, she didn’t know she was refreshing my pain about it๐Ÿ˜€. So, we began to connect this with the issue of the fig tree Jesus cursed & the parable of the tree which yielded no fruit after all nutrients & efforts supplied by the gardener.

I began to see why God is pained when He invests so much in us & we refuse to bear fruit or grow, with all spiritual inputs or waste His resources.


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